Academic Advising

What is an Academic Advisor? Do I really need to meet with one?

Academic Advisors assist you in identifying and achieving your academic, career, and personal goals. They provide academic guidance in order to keep you on track for graduation and can help connect you to campus programs and services. You are assigned an academic advisor, or advising center, based on your intended major. Your advisor can help you with the following: 

  • Explore academic interests 
  • Define and clarify academic goals 
  • Select the appropriate program of study/major 
  • Identify resources for additional information and support 
  • Monitor the progress you are making towards your degree 
  • Develop plans of study for your educational goals 
  • Ensure the correct course sequencing 

You should refer to your Academic Advisor when you: 

  • Are preparing to register for the next semester 
  • Students with fewer than 30 earned credit hours must meet with their advisor to have their advising hold removed 
  • All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor at least once a semester, prior to registration 
  • Have questions about majors, minors, or certificate programs 
  • Want to create an academic plan for your major 
  • Are having academic difficulties 
  • Have questions about the registration process 
  • Would like to learn about academic policies and procedures 
  • Have any other questions or concerns regarding your academic career 

Setting an Appointment  

Setting an appointment is the best way to guarantee your Academic Advisor has plenty of time to dedicate to your questions, concerns, or discussions about your academic plan. Students can set appointments with their Academic Advisors by selecting their department on the Advising Website.

Find your Advisor

For undergraduate students, advising is available through the advising offices in the academic college that programs are housed in.  

Graduate students are assigned an Academic Program Coordinator for advising needs. Visit the list of Graduate Programs, click on the graduate degree of interest for the Academic Program Coordinator contact information. 

Please use the information below to locate the advising team related to your major or area of interest.  

  • Owl Advising is for students at Kennesaw State who have not yet chosen a major, those who are considering a change of major, and Dual Enrolled students. Owl Advising is also a secondary advising resource for those students who have a declared major but need assistance with general education requirements or university policies. However, whenever possible, it is advisable for students to see their major's advisor. 

    To contact Owl Advising: 
    Phone: (470) 578-2860 

  • As the gateway for undergraduate Educator Preparation Providers (EPP) at Kennesaw State University, the Undergraduate Advising Office offers a central and formalized process for undergraduate students preparing to meet the prerequisites for application and teacher preparation admission for all majors. 

    To contact the advising office: 
    Phone: 470-578-6105 

  • All undergraduate program advising is conducted by the Business Undergraduate Advising Center. 

    To contact the advising center: 
    Phone: (470) 578-6055 

  • To ensure timely completion of the degree program, College of The Arts students should consult with their individual faculty advisor each semester to address questions, register for courses, and plan for future classes. Please check your student records on Owl Express for your faculty advisor's name. Once you find your advisor, set-up an appointment by calling or emailing him or her.

    To contact the College of the Arts Advising team.

    Advising & student resources website:

  • The College of Computing and Software Engineering has undergraduate advisors to assist with the following majors: 

    • Applied Computer Science 
    • Computer Game Design and Development 
    • Computer Science 
    • Information Technology 
    • Software Engineering 

    To contact the advising center: 
    Phone: (470) 578-6226 

  • The College of Engineering and Engineering Technology has advisors assigned based upon program. Please find your discipline on the center website to contact the appropriate advisor. 

    To contact the advising center: 
    Phone: (470) 578-7540 

  • All undergraduate program advising is conducted by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Undergraduate Advising Center. 

    To contact the advising center: 
    Phone: (470) 578-7728 

  • Undergraduate advisors for students majoring in degree programs from the departments of Biology and Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics as well as the college's Experiential Education Associate from The Career Services Center are available to assist students. 

    To contact the advising center: 
    Phone: (470) 578-5113 

  • Advising for academic programs offered by the Institute for Workforce Development: 

    • Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity 
    • Cybersecurity Minor 
    • Cybersecurity Undergraduate Certificate 
    • Master of Science in Cybersecurity 

    To contact the advising center: 
    Phone: 470-578-3592 

  • The Wellstar College Advising Center serves Kennesaw State University undergraduate students who are pursuing or considering a major or minor in the Wellstar College.
    To contact the advising center: 
    Phone: 470-578-3211 


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